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Robin Nishio

Koyama Press


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Wailed is an intimate chronicle of a group of friends who also happen to be the vanguard of alternative comics making. In stark black and white, the lives of these young artists are illuminated. Comics are often associated with the past, but this is a document of their future. Includes portraits of Michael DeForge, Patrick Kyle, Frank Santoro, Hellen Jo and many others. 

"Robin Nishio represents a unique class of visual artist- those whom are adept in digital media and exhibit equal versatility working in more traditional means with a hands on approach." ― Nguyen Le, intelligence Magazine

"Fifty years from now, this book will provide context for a particular period of art and artists. Whether that context will be part of a continuum, or whether it will be of interest because of its status as an extinct phenomenon is an open question, but this book shows that documenting this period is important." ― Rob Clough, High-Low

"As someone used to working behind the scenes to make clients look good, Robin's cultivated anonymity serves him well here. On the one hand, he provides a way in for us, the voracious fly on the wall." ― Nicholas Brown, Canadian curator based in Brooklyn, NY

Robin Nishio was born in Toronto, Ontario where he currently lives and works. Nishio works across a wide range of mediums including illustration, photography, and film. He is a member of the Canadian director collective Common Good where he has directed a number of prominent commercials.

80 page black and white paperback
Koyama Press, 2015

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