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Watching Days Become Years #2

Watching Days Become Years #2

Jeff LeVine

Sparkplug Books

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Jeff Levine’s Watching Days Become Years #2 presents 44 pages of unique and personal comics, real life stories set mostly in Los Angeles. This is a collection of the author’s thoughts on working and city living. The tone ranges from darkly comic and down to earth, to startling clear observations on the world at large, all skillfully drawn with the eye of a poet.

This issue of Watching Days Become Years is a cycle of short stories. Each has its own theme, but they mostly revolve around life in the quiet side streets of Los Angeles, California. The exception is a travel diary of a less than twenty-four hour long escape to San Francisco – to walk over new hills and be mesmerized by the difference and to hear an amazing concert by Ornette Coleman. The art is more refined than any of LeVine’s work to date and illustrates his amazing to capture the moment.

44 page black and white paperback
Sparkplug Books

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