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Wet Moon Vol. 3: Further Realms of Fright

Wet Moon Vol. 3: Further Realms of Fright

Sophie Campbell

Oni Press


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Cleo Lovedrop isn't sure what to call her relationship with Myrtle. Are they friends? Are they dating? Are they both? But while she's figuring it out, life gets in the way. First there's an incident at a Bella Morte concert, and then her sister, Penny, tells her something completely shocking. And then Cleo's cat goes missing! It seems like Myrtle is the only good thing in her life. But there are moments when Myrtle doesn't seem... herself.

This new edition of Sophie Campbell's critically-acclaimed book features a new cover design by Annie Mok and creator commentary in the back!

261 page black and white paperback
Oni Press, 2017

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