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Windy Corner Magazine #2

Windy Corner Magazine #2

Sparkplug Books

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This full color issue of Windy Corner presents the continuing chapters of Austin English’s two graphic novels: Life of Francis and My Earliest Memory. This issue opens with art by Mollie Goldstrom, an illustrated table of contents by Elisabeth Timpone, short comics by Fiona Logusch and Dylan Williams, and in depth interview with John Hankiewicz by Onsmith. Two pages of Alex Toth doodles.

“Francis goes to school and meets a boy. He bikes home with her. He sees her house. He’s condescending but charismatic too. They throw a dinner party. Francis tries to make it seem like she has a lot of friends. Austin goes to the planetarium with his dad. He remembers the light changing. Then he goes to the movies with his mom. They drive home together. Two people break up. One of them starts a new relationship but can’t sustain it. Dylan talks about Alex Toth. Lis draws a beautiful table of contents. A boy sits absentmindedly while a girl turns into a tree. John and Onsmith share artistic reference points. Juliacks says goodbye.”

72 page black and white paperback with color cover
Sparkplug Books

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