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Windy Corner Magazine #3

Windy Corner Magazine #3

Sparkplug Books

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Lilli Carre makes a phonecall. Molly Colleen O’Connell introduces everyone. Austin English moves in and buys paint. Then he lives at Bernal Heights, draws and watches a daughter walk down some stairs. Sakura Maku is at a dance in full color. Jason T. Miles paraphrases Jesse McManus. Garth Williams draws close for everyone. Frank Santoro watches a band very closely and takes notes. Vanessa Davis and Carol Tyler talk at different speeds. Joseph Hart builds us something as we depart. Dylan Williams takes all of it and molds it into a book and here it is.

“His art is primitive in the tradition of John Porcellino, but also has the strong visual flair of a Souther Salazar.” -- Rob Clough, Sequart

80 page full color magazine
Sparkplug Books

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