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Zooniverse #2

Zooniverse #2

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"Whenever I see anyone talking about any comics you should read to see what this medium is capable of I always think of is Zooniverse." -- Brandon Graham, creator of King City, Escalator and Multiple Warheads

Part two of the six part series.

The Zooniverse is a cauldron of political intrigue, and the unlucky members of the Kren Patrol are caught in the middle. On what should have been a simple escort mission, the patrol suddenly finds itself up against the powerful and deadly League of Tri-Afflos. The League seeks to destroy the Control Lords, and extend their own evil influence.

Entox and Spak, seemingly immortal "plastoid" sentients and their zoonian companion Lokki race to rescue the Control Lords' courier that they had been assigned to protect. Along the way they pick up a stowaway, Tarmi, another young zoonian. Events quickly get even more out of control, however, and the Kren Patrol realizes they may only be pawns in events larger than they first thought. The Union of Diaeth also has its own agenda, and with the help of the precognitive Trolotes, they are manipulating events in their own favor.

Bonus backup feature: The charming five page tale of Yippo the Magic Zoon.

32 page full color comic

Eclipse, 1986

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